By car (from Finale Ligure’s train station FF SS) to “Park Chiazzari”: you take the first way out to the right in the roundabout, and you drive on the national road Aurelia (Strada Statale SS1), direction Ventimiglia, for about 350 m. Then, you turn right to the SP490 until the roundabout in Finalborgo. You take the first way out and then you turn left joining the SP17 towards “Calice Ligure”.  Just after the playground, you turn right on the SP23 towards “Carbuta”. Just 150 meters later, you turn right again, joining the street “Via Dante Alighieri”. From now on, the street becomes more narrow. You overpass the Church and you stop to the graveyard parking area, where you can park.

Trail classification: trail of naturalistic and geological interest

Level: Easy

Duration: 2 h 30 min            Length: 5 Km          Elevation gain: 190 m

Starting from the graveyard, you keep following the main paved road for other 800m before to find the real trail (there is only one junction, that you have to take, with the street “Via Olive”).

Trail mark: two red squares

The trail is well signaled and easily walkable.

The first stretch (450 m long) is very simple and it leads to the open space called “Cianassi”, a big crossing area of many different itineraries. There will be just only one fork (after the first 200 m ) where you will have to go left. In the open space “Cianassi” you can rest and prepare yourself for the next step.

From the open space “Cianassi” you have to reach the abandoned church of Saint Carlo: continue to follow the unpaved road (the first road on the right) that crosses an inhabited area to arrive to the church.

Trail mark: two red balls.

The trail is well signaled and easily walkable.

Leave the Church of Saint Carlo behind, ignore the deviation on the right (it leads to the Pollera Cave) and follow the main trail for 600 meters to reach the big field called “Pian Marino”. (There will be a fork during the march but the direction is well indicated by a signal with an arrow and the sign “Pian Marino”).

Enjoy the beauty and the peacefulness of the place.

It’s now possible to reach the crag and the quarry of Pian Marino. Cross the field in his length and take the deviation on the right that goes uphill. (If you keep going straight on the main trail you can arrive to Orco Feglino and San Rocco).

Trail mark: red cross

The crag of “Pian Marino” rises not far from the field and, If you keep following the trail for about others 100 meters, you will also arrive to the quarry, a very singular place to visit.

Turn around and follow back your steps to get back to the starting point and the car.


(Come scaricare tracce GPS).

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