The mount “Caprazoppa” includes two climbing areas: the climbing area “Arene Candide” and the area “Vecchia Cava”.

The first one rises next to the famous archeological site “Arene Candide” and it is composed by six different sections, with limestone mountain sides. They face the sea and they are exposed to the sun mostly the whole day.
In the second climbing area, there are some new crags, nailed in recent times, such as the “Falesia delle cento corde”, nailed by the group “Gruppo Grotte di Borgio Verezzi”, one of the most popular crag amongst all.

“Monte Caprazoppa” has been divided in the following crags:

Cava di Rio Fine

Il Cimitero



Pietra del Sole


Falesia delle Cento Corde


The rocks called “Orera” rise on the East side of the mount “Caprazoppa” and they face Finalborgo.

It was nailed in the 2000s and it is famous for its exposition to the sun: since the sun is blocked by the side of the Caprazoppa, it is very popular in summer too.

The area is usually divided in to two sections ,“Left Side” and “Right Side”, and you can easily reach it from Verezzi or Finalborgo. 

Rocce dell’Orera “Lato destro” e “Lato sinistro”