In the “Montesordo” area we pulled together the areas of “Case Valle”, “Sant’Antonino”, “Bric Scimarco”, “Castelletti” and “San Carlo”, for a total of 23 crags.

It comes insight a wide variety of the itineraries, both in the difficulties and in their spectacularity (such as the beauty fo the “Grotta dell’Edera” and the panorama from “Bric Scimarco”.
The exposition to the sun is also wide different from area to area, making possible to climb in summer time too.

The most of the crags are easily reachable with a little walk, often alongside old monuments ( “Castrum Perticae” and “Sant’Antonino” ) and caves ( “Grotta dell’Edera”, “Arma Pollera”).

DThe Area of Montesordo has been divided in the following:

Area of Montesordo, Case Valle – Sant’Antonino:

Placca delle Case Valle

Grotta di Sant’Antonino

Le Rovine


Area of Montesordo, Bric Scimarco:

Bric Scimarco Settore Antri Rossi

Bric Scimarco Settore Superiore

Bric Scimarco Settore Inferiore

Area of Montesordo, Montesordo:

Falesia della Lumaca

La Boulangerie

Settore Centrale

I Coralli

Lo Specchio

Placca d’Angolo

Parete Dimenticata

Grotta dell’Edera

Placca e Pilastro di Mu

L’Alveare e la Falesia dello Scorpione

Area of Montesordo, Castelletti – San Carlo:

Falesia del Riccio (località Castelletti)

Le Tecchie

Pilastrino mi Rovino

Grotta della Pollera