By car (from Finale Ligure’s train station FF SS): you take the national road Aurelia (Strada Statale 1) in the direction of Savona for 1,6 Km until the fork with the SP8 (Via Calvisio, before the tunnel). Continue along this way until the fork on the right hand side signaled to “Vezzi Portio”. Take this road (SP8 BIS) and drive on it for 3.4 Km to reach another large crossroad where you have to go left. Go left again at the next fork join the street “Via San Giorgio”, cross the village to the town hall. Past the town hall there is a narrow street that climbs the hill on the right. The signal “Rocche Bianche” appears all along that final part and you can easily follow it. The first part of this street is paved but in turns into unpaved for about 2 km to turn back again into a paved one.

Car route’s total length: 14.9 km

Trail classification: trail of naturalistic interest

Level: Moderate

Duration: 3 h 30 min        Length: 10    Km        Elevation gain: 221 m

Trail mark: red circle with a yellow mark inside; occasionally sided by a red X

The trail is wide and easily walkable, it goes uphill.

The itinerary starts from the open space (where you can park your car) at “Rocche Bianche”. The “Rocche Bianche” was the spot of a skirmish between the partisans and the German troops in November, 1944.Now a monument rises here to commemorate the partisans who died during the battle.

Leaving the cliff behind, the trail starts to climb the hill towards the pass of Saint Giacomo (“Colla di San Giacomo”).

Ignore the first deviation (both trails reunite just a bit later) to reach a larger crossroad: take the left trail and then keep going on it at the very next fork (central way).

The trail joins now the AV “Alta via dei Monti Liguri” trail (mark = RED – WHITE – RED stripes) and it leads to the pass “Colla di San Giacomo”.

All around the church there  are many fields and a picnic area, and two monuments to the partisans and to the war victims.

The trail mark changes

Trail mark: three yellow dots

The trail is well signaled and easily walkable.

This new trail (follow the vertical signals) leads to the thousand year old beech trees of Benevento (30 minutes).

Turn around and follow back your steps to get back to the starting point and the car.


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